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Powerboat Italia

Powerboat Italia is a shipyard with mooring, storage, and fuel distributor for pleasure boats.

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Powerboat Italia

Powerboat Italia is a shipyard in Naples with mooring, storage, and fuel station for pleasure boats. Located in the heart of Naples, a stone’s throw from the historic and commercial center, in the spectacular Porticciolo Turistico di Santa Lucia - Borgo Marinari di Castel dell'Ovo. Our mooring guarantees the best safety conditions in any weather-marine situation, both in summer and winter.

Cantiere nautico a Napoli


All berths, intended for yachts from 10 to 24 meters, are equipped with modern systems of energy supply 16/32/63 ampere and water. In addition to the annual and seasonal mooring we also offer some seats intended exclusively for daily/ weekly/ monthly transit,  or for the disembarkation and boarding of passengers.

Ormeggio barche


Elegance in complete freedom
Powerboat Italia offers you the possibility to move in absolute freedom and great comfort in the Gulf of Naples.
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