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Ancient Naples

To visit ancient Naples it is necessary to begin the journey to discover the roots of the city, starting from the National Archaeological Museum, the most important archaeological museum in Europe. Here is a section that helps us understand and get to know the history and urban planning of the two original cities: Parthenope and Neapolis.

According to legend, the siren Parthenope rushed into the sea out of anger at not having been able to seduce Ulysses, and would have arrived without strength on the islet of Megaride, current Borgo Marinari, where the Greek colonists founded a city in his honour. At the end of the sixth century. B.C. the settlers moved to the Sant'Aniello area in Caponapoli and founded "the new city", Neapolis, and the old settlement took the name of Palepoli.

Conspicuous traces of the ancient city are still visible in the narrow network of alleys of the historic centre: the decumani, the theatres, the shops, the monuments.


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