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In Naples, the sacred and the profane, folklore and tradition blend together like the stratified history of the city.

Many sacred festivities in Naples which have, in the miracle of San Gennaro, the climax of the religious festivities in the city: Sant'Antonio Abate with ritual bonfires on January 17, San Ciro on January 31st at Gesù Nuovo, San Vincenzo and the "monk" in the Sanità district on April 5th, the feast of Santa Maria di Piedigrotta every Tuesday, just to name a few.

At Easter in the Vomero district the traditional procession called 'Mistero di Antignano' takes place, while on Easter Monday in the town of Santa Nastasia the Madonna dell'Arco is celebrated .

There are also places of unique charm, such as the monumental cemetery of the Fontanelle, the object of a very strong popular cult.


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